Inspiration: 10 minimal sale pieces for autumn

I quit thinking about summer, since its raining or just cold - so I make the best out of it and collected some autumn pieces from the current summer sale all over Asos and Edited. I will definitely go for some Mom Jeans, (or Girlfriendjeans, however you want to call it) and embrace the nineties a bit more by adding some serious patent elements - at the end, its all about surviving the cold wet seasons - the so called german summer. Actually this is funny, because I am already about to look for some warmer places on this planet. Until then, this is my recommendation if you still need some basics but want to save on money:

Black Sneakers - NIKE
Watch - TIMEX
Grey Beanie - Selected
Mom Jeans - Asos
Patent Boots - Asos
Grey Bomber Jacket - Asos

Chelsea Boots - Selected Femme 
Letter Jumper - Wood Wood
Textured Skirt - Asos White
Net Socks - Asos
Black Bag - Horizn Studios

Outfit: Easy Monochrome

I barely wear that christmas gift - the comme des garçons striped shirt, but if I do, I look laid-back es hell. Because I am laid-back as hell. Look how I just hang with Alice on a Monday morning, taking pictures on a bridge, wearing mainly black. To be honest, that was the best start in a week ever - Alice is not only someone who knows what to do with the camera, she is also a cool friend. (Thank you for your time) - This is something I normally would wear on a sunday. The oversized everything is just fine if I do not plan to seduce my boyfriend (as if.) So there is not much to say about culottes, that I did not mention before, so I keep it like that and wish you a nice weekend! 

Shirt - Comme des Garcons find it here or budget version here
Culotte - ZARA(old) similar here or here
Marble Sneakers - ZIGN, similar here, here or here
Black Denim Jacket - Levis Version here, or here or budget version here
Trio Bag - similar here

Outfit: &otherstories Slip Dress

This look is my happy color - all black everything is totally fine during summer, especially in that airy slip dress, I found at &otherstories. Unfortunately, its already full of pilling after only a few times of wearing. What happened to necessary things, such as quality? However, you might see the tiny key-piece of the look: I am finally okay with wearing chokers (only 2 years after calling them another trendy piece of accessory.) And must admit: Still now, after chokers have been around for a while, people give me the look. This one weird stare, that I usually get when I do something completely fierce. Like skipping a line, wearing a blouse buttoned down, or very dark lipstick during the daytime (so fierce, I know.) But the choker seems to have its own charm. Somewhere between the dusty 90´s memories of mine, there they are, hidden and forgotten on purpose. I like their comeback and couldn't care less that it looks basic. I am basic. At least in this outfit post - and shoutout to my boyfriend who was so patient to take the pictures during the rare moments of sunlight. 

Shoes - Esprit (old) similar here and here, or the high-class version 
Dress - & other stories, better here or here
*Sunnies - Ace & Tate here 
Bag - 3. 1. Philipp Lim Alix here or budget version here

Inspiration: Dark summer essentials for a dark summer

I haven't done a moodboard for a while and this one is dedicated to the super fun summer. So why aren't there any sunglasses, straw hats or at least something with a pineapple print on it? Because there is no sun in Germany - as harsh as it sounds. Welcome to the darkest summer of my life - It seems that I missed out on it, that one single sunny day this year - probably because I was sitting in the library from Mai to August, writing on my bachelor thesis. Thats why I made a collage of stuff,  that I can still use during those colder days - a scarf is, how ridiculous it might sound, my company for the cold days (we had 13 degrees on Wednesday) - not too wrong this month. At least I´ve been searching through some more playful patterns, despite the monochrome and minimalistic character of each single piece - in this case, the confetti Bumbag won the game. Also, I am always in for monochrome timepieces, as you know. I found out that Oozoo has some way less pricey products online (40-50€) and looks way more individual than the typical Wristwatches. If you´re still thinking about a nice, timeless watch, go for it! The rest is linked below. BTW, if you have some tipps where to spend a nice end-of-summer holiday, tell me in the comments!

Travel: 48 Hours in Madrid - must do´s for free

"When in Madrid" - this was the first thing I googled, when I decided to see the Spanish capital city. What I actually meant was "When in Madrid and being broke" - which describes my state of mind pretty good. After visiting Barcelona before, I expected the very same thing, just somewhere else (I know, makes no sense.) Madrid is best described as a Spanish Munich - cleaner, brighter, and more historical than Barcelona, and also: slightly more expensive. Although I missed the "hip" Vibes, I think that Madrid has its very own charm and there are some things, I would not miss out. I made a little 48-hours in Madrid Giude for you, just in case you want to pass by. AND: Its only stuff for free. So, here we go, spend 48 hours in Madrid and spend a minimum of money while enjoying the city to the fullest. If you have any Additions, please feel free to comment!

1.) the view from the Círculo de Bellas Artes

Its a bad habit to lie from the very beginning. Because this is not always for free, only if nobody is watching. Like in my case, I just sneaked in with a group of Tourists. So technically, its for free. Otherwise, you pay like 3€. The Building itself is not too exciting, as I a was studying at an Art school myself, I was very surprised how clean it was. You take the elevator up and end up on a rooftop with a bar and a restaurant. The view is beyond amazing.

Calle de Alcalá, 42, 28014 Madrid

Outfit: Palazzo Pants

Back from Bella Roma and about to force my boyfriend to take outfit pictures. Since literally no one but a plastic bag said "Ciao Bella" and meant it, I am taking the diva vibes to Berlin now. Those Palazzo Pants are the closest I can get to feel holiday-ish, if you know what I mean. Being back always brings melancholy to me. The sun, the heat, wandering around for hours and the feeling of understanding less than 10% of what everybody wants to tell me (no joke) this is romantic to me. Here in Berlin, I feel more and more useless, like I accomplished a mission (studying) and am done now and should move on. Thats maybe the reason I am currently looking for internships abroad (as far away as possible) - lets see what happens next (:

Top - (unknown) similar here and here
Trousers - Asos (old) similar here and here
Shoes - (unknown) similar here
Sunnies - *Ace&Tate Liz
Bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim Alix here

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